I am Yemi,

Born and raised in Nigeria, I moved to the UK in 2004 with £200 in my pocket and university fees of over £7000 unpaid!  The £200 got stolen and with my fees deficit, I began life in the UK.

So much happened in between all of these- and so many lessons learned. I guess that’s what this blog is about- having a voice on things that my life and experiences have made me form opinions about.

  • How it is that planning, choice and our value system might be the key to moving from the place called ‘poor’  ( i am not yet rich by the way)
  • How no immigrant should settle for mediocrity having crossed those waters to seek opportunity
  • On personal finance
  • About starting, running and growing a small business.

Welcome and thanks for visiting, do have a look and kindly feedback your thoughts.



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