Face up to the Situation

Really want to get out of the current rot! Stop cowering in that corner and staying in bed weeping your eyes out.

Get up and look your problem in the eye! I personally believe you physically should stand up to be able to look your problem in the eye. The good thing about standing up is that it enables you to visualise the fact that you are physically bigger than or equal to your problem, or at the minimum realise that your problem is not as large as it is when you are cowered down in the corner it has got you into. 


Face the brutal FACTS of your situation. 

In an analysis of some of the most successful corporate leaders in the world, you will like this – Jim Collins renown researcher in the field of corporate leadership established that the key difference between the most successful corporate leaders and their lesser successful colleagues is their ability to face the brutal facts of the situations their organizations were at. They want the facts, the statistics, the actual implications; they rejected, the feel good, warm, encouraging feeling that those who love you tend to want to bring when they see your situation and realise that they are probably incapable of helping you too. 

If you are still living in or seeking the warm comforts of words and expressions by people, the eternal optimists that assure you that things will get better and just to weather the storm and it’s going to be fine on the other side. Then you sure are not the kind of person, I intend to communicate with via this medium- because you need to get tired and frustrated with consolations that you and the giver know means absolutely nothing, if you truly are intent on getting over this situation.

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