Zuckerberg, Influence and a new opportunity for Nigeria

Anyone who does not know the power of influence, just watch the proceedings of Mark Zuckerberg’s visit through sub-Saharan Africa and the impact it should have over the next few years.

His visit has captured the attention of everyone young enough to be an active user of social media within Nigeria and made the headlines of both CNN and BBC. Meaning that all watchers of the tech world took a turn and looked at Nigeria. Not just that, all of Facebook’s competitors would have their antennae sharpened as Mark is clearly engaging and having a foothold in a market that could be the next growth vista for the tech world. 170 million people, a very youthful population, this might be the first time that Nigeria has actively made use of it’s famed energy and entrepreneurial spirit (which he streesed at every stage of his visit) to command the attention it should rightly receive in business and across the globe.

safe_imageThe beauty of this lies in the fact that this was not due to an initiative directly driven by the government, it is the work over several short years of hard grafting and entrepreneurial young Nigerian minds. In one moment both Co Creation Hub and Andela became global brands; it will be interesting if these two companies will use analytic tools and other metrics to see what additional traction this visit has brought them in terms of website visits from international markets; I am convinced they will trace the sources of several of the new visitors down to silicon valley.

Well done to all the pioneer entrepreneurs of the Nigerian tech sector. And if you read my blog, join me in calling for a national honour for the foremost leaders and pioneers of the tech innovations particularly the founders of Co- Creation Hub and Andela. Finally we have a good reason for the world to take interest in Nigeria again in a long time, I hope this promise will be fulfilled.

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